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Why Sexy Exercises Could Cause You Long Term Damage

Are you always on the lookout for the latest and greatest new ‘sexy exercise’ to perform? Do you constantly read through magazines to see what your favorite celebrity has been doing to build their fabulous body?


If so, you could be doing yourself a serious injustice. Let’s look at why this may cause some problems.

Increased Risk Of Injury

The very first reason why this is a problem is because if you’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest exercise and as soon as you find it, you put it into action, you’re not taking the time to learn what proper form is.

And, following proper form is a must. If you don’t use the right form during that workout session, not only are you not going to see progress from it, but you may find yourself in quite a bit of pain at some point as well.

Good form does take some time to learn, but if you’re willing to invest in that time, the results will pay off.

Enhanced Chance Of Poor Program Planning

The second reason why always adding the latest sexy exercises to your workout program isn’t the wisest of ideas is because it’s going to result in poor program planning.

Remember that coming up with a good program plan takes you looking at things as a whole. What other exercises are you doing?

Do you have any sports or cardio activities in place? What muscle weaknesses do you have that you may need to tend to?

All of these should be taken into account but if you’re hopping on and off the latest of the sexy approaches out there, you aren’t considering these things at all.

Especially for cardiovascular exercises one must consider elliptical machine, it is form of aerobic exercise, which burns calories. Regular use of a elliptical trainer helps you lose weight, and put less stress on your overall body.

Lack Of Customization

Finally, the last big issue with always reading magazines or online sources of the latest and greatest workout to hit the market is the fact that this will not have any actual customization for you.

Remember, your body is different than that celebrity that you love so much, just as it’s also different from your best friend who saw amazing results using such and such workout program.

If you don’t take the time to acknowledge this and start putting together a workout program that is built and designed for your own body, you are going to be disappointed with the results that you see.

Exercise sessions need to be developed on an individual bases, not because of some fad that’s out there that is promising that everyone will see fabulous results who uses it.

So think twice before you jump onto the next exercise or workout that you read in some magazine or website.

Wrap Up

Take the time to educate yourself on proper exercise strategies so that you can learn what types of exercises are going to work best for your body and help you reach your goals in record time.

When you do this, that’s when you’ll move forward to see the success you desire.

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